Runners in the park

FrontRunner Personal Training can train you at home, at work and in the beautiful parks and outdoor spaces of central and south London. We offer: We are passionate about helping you transform your life by improving your health and fitness. We work with you to design and deliver practical programmes to help you stay motivated and achieve your health and fitness goals.

No matter what your goals and how long you work with us we provide a comprehensive service:

Step 1: Health and Fitness MOT
Taken before the start of the programme, we carry out a few simple assessments just to make everything is OK and you are ready to go. Feedback on posture, fitness levels and flexibility are important for designing your programme.

At regular points we assess your fitness levels to chart your progress. We all love to know how well we are doing and you will be surprised how quickly you can improve.

Step 2: The Perfect Programme
Following a personalised and structured training programme is the best way to exercise, and our plans complement your lifestyle and other commitments. We try and go that bit deeper to see what really makes you tick - we can even include a visit to assess your working environment. Finding out more about you means we can blend that perfect programme.

Step 3: Personal Training Sessions
Each session is a stepping stone to you achieving your ultimate goals and comprises three elements: a proper warm up with stretches to get ready for action; a main programme of cardio or resistance exercise depending on your needs - we may have a run in the park, or along the Thames, or lift some weights at your home; and we finish with a cool down, including a full range of stretches to improve your flexibility.

Step 4: What to Eat and When
Energy is an important part of having a great workout and we are on hand to with simple, clear advice to help you make good food choices not only to get the most from your exercise, but to help with recovery after the sessions, so you can train regularly and feel great.

Step 5: We won't abandon you!
Our service does not stop after the training sessions. Email and telephone access is available throughout the time we work together. We are always on hand to discuss your training answer any questions or queries you have. It's all part of the service.

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