Personal training

Health and fitness is for everyone and getting started can often be the most difficult thing to do. The old Chinese proverb says that a 1000 mile journey starts with a single step, and though personal training with us may not get you that far, who knows where it will lead you!

Personal Training designed just for you is the very best way to stay on your health and fitness journey and committed to achieving your goals. We can help you become stronger, healthier and more active. We can train you at home, at work, or outside with personal training that is both flexible and practical.

Whether you want to return to action after a layoff, feel the need to get fit and active after a period on the sidelines, or you know the basics, but need more structure to keep you motivated, then our personal training programmes can help you.

A combination of aerobic exercise, using weights, improving flexibility, strengthening your core muscles, or whatever else you fancy, can be blended together to give you the best chance of sticking with the programme.

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