Packages start at just £54* per session and the more sessions you sign up for, the greater the saving.

Bespoke Running Programmes and Personal Training

Single sessions - £60
Book a single session and dip your toe in the water.

4 sessions - £230
Book four sessions and save £10. Combine a couple of aerobic and weight workouts, or focus on your core for all four, its up to you.

8 sessions - £445
Now you're making a real commitment! Book eight sessions and you will see real progress in your health and fitness and save £35.

12 sessions - £645
Book 12 sessions and you'll surprise yourself with what you can achieve. More time training with us gives you an even better chance to measure your progress and explore your potential...and you save £75!

Want to train with a friend or in a group?
Please get in touch and ask about pair and group rates. We can train two or more people for bespoke running programmes and personal training.

Sports Massage Therapy

We combine our massage with home stretching and post-care advice to support regular trainers and runners. Use it as part of your structured training programme and see the positive physical and psychological benefits.

Single sessions (1 hour) - £50
Single sessions (30 minutes) - £30
10 sessions - £450

(* based on 12 sessions)