Matthew Chiles


"When I gained a place in the 2008 London Marathon, I asked my wife for some training sessions with Matthew for my birthday. Best present I've ever had! Matthew approaches the training in an intelligent, professional and enthusiastic way and I never thought I'd ever look forward to going on a hill running session at 7.30am on a February morning, but I did. He's a real inspiration and I never would have done a sub 4 hour marathon without his expert guidance. Running has now become a very important part of my life and, having set myself new goals for the future, I look forward to working with Matthew again so I can be sure I will achieve them."
James, Peckham

"12 sessions with Matthew transformed me from a tired and unfit Mum of a three month old to something approaching the girl I used to be. Without Matthew's careful planning, encouragement and support I genuinely think I would have given up because returning to regular running after such a long break was so hard. But Matthew took the time to understand the issues - logistical and physical - that someone with a new baby faces and designed a programme that met not only my needs, but also those of my family. I agree with Anthony - this was by far the best investment in my health and me that I've ever made. And my husband agrees!"
Kate, Herne Hill

"Matthew is a great trainer, highly motivated and not afraid to push you out of your comfort zone! He's been a very positive influence and clearly likes working with people of all abilities and understands people with busy lives need to find a balance - which is exactly what I've done. You don't have to be a sporty kind of person to enjoy running - I'm not - for me it's an outlet for so many things and with a little encouragement from Matthew I did manage to run a half marathon. "It's been a great opportunity to explore becoming a more confident runner and with guidance from Matthew to be more realistic so that I can continue to enjoy my running. Thanks to Matthew I am more committed to running and planning ahead and I'm so much better informed about everything to do with running."
Sylvia, Islington

"Training with Matthew has made it possible for me to turn the dream of being able to run into a reality. His positive and optimistic approach enabled me to set realistic running goals, and through his encouragement and cajoling he helped me to achieve them. Thanks to Matthew's training I have learned new skills and techniques and, most of all, I love running."
Sonia, Peckham

"It's very simple, if it wasn't for six months of work with Matthew then I would still be overweight with low energy - i.e. typical mid 40s male. However, I am back running (with enthusiasm), loving being outdoors, having fun, and losing weight all due to Matthew's continuous encouragement, occasional ribbing and professionalism. Running is a real pleasure again and instead of worrying about my weight I now worry about PBs!

"By far the best investment in my health and 'me' that I have ever made."
Anthony, Clapham

"Matthew put in considerable time and effort to produce a fitness programme tailored to my goals and abilities. Throughout my fitness sessions, Matthew was always friendly, highly informative and supportive. As a result, Matthew's programme has made a dramatic difference to my fitness, wellbeing and my lifestyle. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to people of all abilities."
Alistair, East Dulwich

"After signing up for London Marathon I knew I needed help and professional advice in order to be able to achieve this goal and to ensure I trained properly. Matthew was extremely knowledgeable about all aspect of fitness and marathon training. He devised a training plan which fitted in with my aims and lifestyle, making it simple to stick to and a positive challenge. I have definitely improved my fitness levels, learned many different exercises and well on the way to my marathon dream!"
Alison, Hackney